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What is GunBroker Pay with FreedomCoin / BitRail


If you need information on how GunBroker Pay with FreedomCoin benefits sellers and buyers, read the information below.

NOTE: if you have previously signed up from a BitRail to use FreedomCoin, your account has been migrated to GunBroker Pay, and you already have a GunBroker Pay Wallet.

GunBroker Pay with FreedomCoin is a regulated digital payment method powered by BitRail. GunBroker Pay enables sellers to offer inexpensive, convenient, and secure payment method for their buyers. Sellers can accept payments without the high fees of credit card companies or the delays of mailed paper payments.

Also, GunBroker Pay with FreedomCoin allows buyers — for the first time — to have access to a regulated digital payment option with impressive ease-of-use, and earn rewards when purchasing their favorite gear. With GunBroker Pay, buyers can send secure payments for firearms and all other items on without the hassle of having to get checks or money orders.

GunBroker Pay with FreedomCoin Definitions:

  • GunBroker Pay is the payment method you use, like your credit card
  • FreedomCoin is the currency you use, like a dollar
  • Wallet is where you store your FreedomCoins
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