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Gunbroker What To Know When You Decide To Buy


If you’re into firearms, chances are you’ve heard of GunBroker and given the fact that they have over 2.5 million users, chances are you’ve also used them before. While GunBroker doesn’t actually sell any firearms they are the world’s largest gun broker and help broker hundreds of thousands of purchases each year.

With that being said it’s important to know a few things before you decide to use their platform. Like any internet-based business, there is the propensity for fraud from the users and while Gun Broker does a great job of monitoring their customer base, some turds still slip through the cracks. So before you decide to use GunBroker take a sec and read our comprehensive user guide to ensure your success!

GunBroker is the largest online gun broker in the world. In short, it’s the eBay of weapons. And while it’s a great place to buy and sell weapons, it’s not GunBroker selling, they’re just a platform on which the bidding occurs.

GunBroker breakdown

Some pretty incredible facts about GunBroker that may surprise you

  • 3.5 million – number of registered users
  • 20 – years in business
  • 8,522 –’s international website rank. This means there are only 8,522 websites on the internet that get more traffic. To put this into perspective there are 1.94 Billion websites on the internet in 2019. In nerd speak, this is one of the most popular websites on the internet.
  • 750,000 – daily active gun listings
  • 6 million – number of people that visit the website each month
  • 4 billion – total gross sales transactions conducted on the website since 1999

How It Works is just what it sounds like, a broker. Basically, you take people who want to sell firearms and people that want to buy firearms and you link them up… that’s it. GunBroker doesn’t actually sell any firearms, they just broker the sale between two people and take a cut of the sale, much like eBay or Craigslist. When a seller posts an item users are able to bid on that item. Again, like eBay, the seller is allowed to post the item for any price they like to attract buyers.

There is the option for a reserve meaning the seller requires a minimum amount to move forward with the bid. The listing will go on for a certain amount of time and during that time buyers will bid on the firearm. Buyers are able to outbid each other right up until the event closes.

Some buyers simply put a buy-now option on a firearm. In the image above you will see there is a starting bid amount of $1,279.98 as well as a “Buy Now” price of $1,279.98. This basically means the gun is for sale for $1,279.98. Some guns will have a much lower starting bid and buyers will have the option to get the gun at a good discounted price. This is where you as the buyer can really get some good deals! If you find a gun you’re after for a low starting bid and nobody bids on it, then you will win the gun.

One of the coolest parts of GunBroker is you have the ability to find just about any firearm you’re after.

Once you’ve purchased the firearm you will need to have it shipped to you from the seller, this will require an FFL. If you do not have an FFL you can have the seller ship the firearm to your nearest FFL in your state. There, the FFL will have you fill out Form 4473 and you will receive a background check. Once everything comes back clear you will be able to take your new firearm home!

If you’re looking to sell your firearm GunBroker is a great way to go but you also need to be careful. If you don’t do your homework on how the system works you could easily lose some money by not marketing your gun properly or by not using the best pricing. If you want to use GunBroker to sell your firearm, we’d suggest first going on and purchasing one to start (it’s a great excuse to buy another gun). By going through the process of purchasing a firearm you will have a much better idea of how it works.

If you’re to sell on GunBroker it’s important that you look at the fees they take for each sale. While the fees are fair they aren’t negligible and will cut into your profits a bit.

Membership Fees

There are no basic membership fees to sign up for GunBroker.

Buying Fees

Typically there are no buying fees associated with GunBroker unless their system flags your profile as suspicious. In the event your profile is flagged you will be charged $2 for a detailed security check.

Selling Fees

To place an ad on Gunbroker is free. However, if your product sells you will be charged a Final Value Fee. Now, GunBroker makes this statement about their Final Value Fee:

A Final Value Fee is assessed if your item is sold. The Final Value Fee is assessed when the listing closes and is based on the price that the item is sold for. If the item is not sold there is no Final Value Fee. You can use our Final Value Fee Calculator to find out the final value fee associated with the selling price of an item.

Here is how you calculate your Final Value Fee:

Take the first $250 of your final value and multiply it by 6%. If your item sold for $250 or less this is your Final Value Fee.

If your final value was more than $250, take the additional amount over $250 and multiply it by 3.5%.

Add up these amounts and that is your Final Value Fee.

If that sounds confusing don’t worry, we are here to help. Let’s look at two examples.

Example 1  – You sell a gun for $240

Because the gun is less than $250 you would multiply it by .06 (6%) which is $14.40. $14.40 would be your Final Value Fee.

Example 2 – You sell a gun for $700

First, take $250 and multiply it by .06, which is $15.

Next, take the remaining amount which is $450, and multiply it by .035 (3.5%) which is $15.75,

Now add together the two amounts, $15.75 + $15 = $30.75 and that is your Final Value Fee.

Premium Prices

There are some additional pricing options if you’d like your post to really pop. The purpose of this is just to get

Boldface Title $1.00
Colored Title $1.00
Featured Listing $2.95
Highlight $2.00
Scheduled Listing $0.10
Showcase Listing $4.95
On-site Sponsored Listing $4.00
Off-site Sponsored Listing $7.00
Subtitle $3.50
View Counter $0.50

The Gold Program is a $50/year program that basically puts you into an exclusive buying program. Based on what we read it’s actually not a bad way to go. One of the best options we can see is a dedicated live chat support option. The only reason we mention this is that one of the chief complaints about using GunBroker is that any issues you may experience often go unanswered.

Having a dedicated live chat would certainly help alleviate some of those problems. In addition, the Gold program offers its members special pricing on guns as well as a gift bag and some other perks. If you use the platform regularly this wouldn’t be a bad way to go for sure.

The Better Business Bureau gives GunBroker a B rating and the customer ratings on their website are 1.5 stars out of 5. Not great. Although keep in mind that people usually don’t go to BBB to leave positive reviews about a company. One of the main things we saw in those reviews are complaints about getting ahold of GunBroker in the event there is an issue with a purchase.

On we found a lot of complaints regarding lazy sellers. This is something important to keep in mind when making a purchase, you are relying on the seller to actually do their job! Once you make a purchase the seller must go through with their end of the bargain. Unfortunately, this is kind of out of the hands of GunBroker since they can’t exactly for the seller to do what they say they will do… They can only refund your money and that can sometimes take a while to do.

So if you make a sale and the seller sits on it, you could be out the cost of the gun until it’s all sorted out. That being said it’s important to note that GunBroker does thousands of transactions every single day. On the BBB website, there were only 45 complaints and on the website, there were about the same amount as well. So while issues do occur, it’s not very often.

Again, when purchasing off GunBroker you need to keep in mind that you’re dealing with the general public and therefore subject to running into some scam artists. One of the biggest issues on GunBroker is ordering an item and receiving a counterfeit in its place. This especially pertains to gun accessories such as optics.

Luckily, GunBroker offers a way for buyers to select sellers who have a good sales history. Each seller receives a grade (such as A+) which is based on their past performance and feedback from customers. Chances are when you buy from a seller with good sales history they are going to follow through on their promise. If you go to purchase an item from someone with no sales history and the deal seems too good to be true, chances are it’s a scam.

If you’re looking for GunBroker’s mobile app you will be disappointed to hear that it’s been discontinued due to Apple’s gun policies. In March of 2019 they released this statement:

Due to policy changes within their companies, Apple and Google have chosen to not support our apps at this time.   Unfortunately, that also means we cannot provide needed updates and fixes or new access to the app. We hope you will continue to use our site via your mobile browser, which we are making more responsive to phone users

While the apps are gone they responded by optimizing their website’s mobile experience and we have to see it’s actually pretty well done. One of the nice things about the company is they are a huge entity and continually push to ensure their web users get the best experience possible.

If you’re looking to sell on instead of just buying, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. has put together an array of resources for those interested in selling

New Sellers

If you’re a new seller, you probably have more than a few questions. At GunBrokers they provide you with several resources to get you started. There’s a how-to sell guide and a simple registration process to buy and sell on the website.

Listing Items

If you’re looking to do a basic listing, it won’t cost you anything until the item listed sells. To get you started there’s a pricing report you can take advantage of, and for $15, you can get your item appraised. You’ll even find listing templates to help make life a little easier.

During the Auction

If you’ve put your item up for sale, you’ll obviously be keeping a close eye on bids. To do this you can go under “My Auction” to view both current and past listings. You can also edit the price of your listing, add a description, manage pictures, choose to end your auction early and view any feedback for you, other sellers, and bidders. 

After the Auction

Once your auction is complete because someone purchased your item, the next step is to get the buyer’s information. You’ll also be required to verify an FFL. If your item did not sell you have the option of relisting the item if it did not sell.

Manage the Auction

Through the “Manage the Auction” tab, you can check on your account’s status to verify fees and look at statements. You can also edit your account information, add or replace bank account information, make payments, add links to your listings, block bidders who are causing you issues, and subscribe or unsubscribe from newsletters.


Tools you can take advantage of on is the RESTful API, Bulk Lister, Dealer Store, and Image Resizer


Services provided include FreedomCoin, Escrow Service, Fast & Automated Shipping Refund, and FFLGuard. 

Payment Gateways offers a variety of payment gateways to include: BitRail, Fast Charge Payment Gateway, BankCard USA, and Payment Alliance International

E-Commerce Tools for Sellers

E-Commerce tools available to sellers include Ecomdash, CrossxPostit, Listagun, Rapid Gun Systems, Celerant Technologies, Cervelle, and Pawnmaster.

Where Else Would We Recommend to Buy Guns?

there are dozens of reputable stores that you can find some of the best guns in the world for fair prices. I’ve personally bought many guns from GunBroker, but also understand there is some inherent risk in buying guns from individuals.

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