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Mathews Archery Denies Smokin Guns Gives Dealer To Competitor


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As you know I own  Smokin' Guns Sporting Goods store. Back in February I applied with Mathews Archery to be a Mathews dealer. After much back and forth, providing photos, and arguing our case Mathews Archery denied us saying we were too close to another dealer a 45 minute drive away.

We then argued that the shop across the street used to carry Mathews Archery a few years ago. The Mathews rep became rude with us and told us we were not going to get their brand. So, we went to other bow manufacturers instead. Which is fine. However, what they just did isn't.

Mathews Archery just made our competitor across the street a dealer. If we were too close to another dealer, they are too. But it turns out the regional sales rep is personal friends with that store owner. It appears Mathews would rather play politics than be a fair business.

We hope by bringing this to light Mathews Archery will make this right. However, given their actions thus far we don't see that happening. It's disappointing that a company would treat a small business this way. Maybe someone higher in the chain will see this and do us right.

Ryan Warner


Smokin' Guns

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